Way to the sky (Explore) by David Martin Castan on Flickr.




New York City - Above Chinatown

I turned in the writing and photography for my New York City photography book to my publisher yesterday morning. The moment I turned everything in was probably one of the most terrifying and happy moments of my life.
I have been waiting to post the news to this blog more than anything because quite honestly, this is where it all began. This is where I first started posting my photography. I am eternally grateful for all of the support and amazing experiences I have had here on Tumblr for the last 4 years.
From the bottom of my heart: thank you
It happens like this:
You squint your eyes open
after walking on clouds in last night’s dreams
and the city comes into view:
a vast glistening kingdom built on the shoulders of despair and joy.
As the city comes into focus slowly,
you shut your eyes abruptly
sending up every wish that rests on the tip of your tongue
soaring on the barest whisper of a breeze
up towards the sky.
And then you blink your eyes open
hoping none of this
was in vain.
It wasn’t.
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